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Got Beads?

Throughout history, beads have been used for adornment, for money, for trade, as status or rank, and so on.  In the modern day, beads have become so highly evolved due to enhanced manufacturing capability, thus allowing an ever increasing variety of beads to choose from.


This bracelet pictured above includes iridescent beads that really add some glitz.


The blue iridescent glass beads above are an example of how using dichroic and iridescent coatings or metal fuming can create vibrant results.

Fused Glass


The photo above is of a fused dichroic glass pendant.  It was made by laying various bits of glass in layers, then slumping or fusing them together in a kiln.  As you can see, the results are often very colorful.

If you are interested in fused glass, there are many glass studios that offer classes on glass slumping.  That way you can see if the hobby is for you without having to invest in a kiln and other potentially expensive equipment.