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Handmade Jewelry

Making custom handmade jewelry can be a very rewarding endeavour.  Classes are available to let you get some experience with the craft to determine if jewelry making is right for you.

Even a small outlay can get you enough materials to complete compelling jewelry projects.  Many craft stores will have a display case with genuine Sterling Silver wire, pendants, clasps, chains, and other items to make your jewelry projects come to life.

You will also need some tools, but again, the outlays are reasonable, and some tools are common and inexpensive.

Let’s Get Crafty

Any time of year is a great time to craft.  Too hot, too cold, or raining  outside?  Crafting is a great hobby that can render some pretty amazing results.

Glass etching is a fun craft project that is typically very easy to accomplish.

Armour Etch

Armour etch cream greatly simplifies the etching process, and renders permanent results by etching the glass with acid.  Make sure to wear gloves and eye protection.

Making a resist can be done in many ways, and the quality of the mask is what determines the quality of the final project.

Vinyl contact paper can be used as a resist by applying it to the glass to be etched, then using a razor to cut and expose the areas desired to be etched.

A silkscreen resist can be applied, and rub on transfer resist are also available that make repeatable results easier to attain.

Once you have applied the resist, the next step it to etch.  Follow the Armour Etch product directions, and we recommend performing a test piece so you know what results you will get based on time you leave the cream on.

Happy Etching!

Fine Art

Fine art has such a prominent role in history.  Consider the role of the fine artist before the invention of the camera or lenses.  Realistic depictions made by hand were the only way to share a visual representation of a person or place.


In the modern age, much of the necessity for fine art has been replaced by cameras and video recorders, but the need for fine art will likely persist in spite of these advancements.

Got Beads?

Throughout history, beads have been used for adornment, for money, for trade, as status or rank, and so on.  In the modern day, beads have become so highly evolved due to enhanced manufacturing capability, thus allowing an ever increasing variety of beads to choose from.


This bracelet pictured above includes iridescent beads that really add some glitz.


The blue iridescent glass beads above are an example of how using dichroic and iridescent coatings or metal fuming can create vibrant results.

Fused Glass


The photo above is of a fused dichroic glass pendant.  It was made by laying various bits of glass in layers, then slumping or fusing them together in a kiln.  As you can see, the results are often very colorful.

If you are interested in fused glass, there are many glass studios that offer classes on glass slumping.  That way you can see if the hobby is for you without having to invest in a kiln and other potentially expensive equipment.